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In a few days we will receive from the pressing plant our first 7" release on Evil Records. This catalan Oi! band was formed by two skinheads, a punk and a mod. They released a demo tape entitled "Barcelona OI!" (out on vinyl for the first time in October 26th), two albums "Nacidos para provocar" and "El flotar... Se va a acabar!" and now their first 7" release featuring the 4 songs that didn't appear on the vinyl version of their debut album due to time restrictions. This 4 track Ep features "Skinhead", "Gotic Bootboys", "Es Ella" and "Clase Obrera", the cover artwork is superb and only two colour vinyl will be available for this release, black and classic solid red vinyl colour. It is a limited edition to 300 copies. Includes an insert with the lyrics and a free stickers for the first buyers.


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