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If you are a vinyl collector we have good news, this excellent box of punk and Oi! singles suffered a missprint with the Crux 7", the label found out and had the boxes re-done again with the correct Crux 7", but we have some copies of the Box with the missprint Crux 7" plus the corrected one.

V/A The Classic Punk & Oi! Singles Box 2

SKU: E18107
Vinyl Colour:: Black

    1. The Business "Harry May" SINGLE

    Harry May

    National Insurance Blacklist

    2. GBH "Sick Boy" EP

    Sick Boy

    Slit Your Own Throat

    Am I Dead Yet

    3. Slaughter & The Dogs "Cranked Up Really High" SINGLE

    Cranked Up Really High

    The bitch

    4. Red Alert "In Britain" EP

    In Britain

    Screaming at the Nation

    Murder Missile

    5. Cockney Rejects "Flares'n'Slippers" EP


    Police Car

    I wanna be a star

    6. Attak "Today's Generation" EP

    Today's Generation


    No Escape

    7. Attak "Murder in the subway" SINGLE

    Murder in the subway

    Future Dreams

    8. The Partisans "Police Story" SINGLE

    Police Story

    Killing Machine

    9. The Partisans "17 years of hell" EP

    17 years of hell

    Power & the greed

    Bastards in blue

    10. Crux "Keep on running" EP

    Keep on running

    Streets at night

    Brighton Front

    I'll Die With My Boots On

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