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THE GLORY from Leicester was born from the ashes of CLOCKWORK SOLDIERS, they originally released this record in 1988 at Link Records (UK) and has never been re-issued since. Evil Records gave this reissue a special evil threatment and did a completely new artwork for cover and back cover, including a good band biography written by one of the band members himself, Mark McGee (guitar) who also has played with Condemned 84 and Anti Heros from the USA. This release includes an insert sleeve with the lyrics, band pictures and two bonus tracks not included in the original release.

THE GLORY We Are What We Are LP (Black vinyl) Limited edition 350 copies

SKU: E17687
Vinyl Colour:: Black
  • 1. The Glory of Oi!
    2. Shoot for the Sun
    3. Life must go on
    4. Boots
    5. Where were you
    6. Nobody's War
    7. Violent World (Bonus)

    8. Scarred for Life
    9. Should have paid
    10. Who'll Bear Shame
    11. Runaway
    12. Ulster Boy
    13. Clockwork Land
    14. England's Glory (Bonus)

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