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One of our favourite all time bands THE CRACK from the UK. This release features 14 tracks taken from their singles and demos recordings, some of them have never been released on vinyl yet. Great cover and backcover artwork on a 350gram 3 mm spine cover. Includes a big A2 size full colour poster of the band.

THE CRACK All Cracked Up - Demos and Rarities LP (Red vinyl) Lim. Ed. 250 copies

SKU: E17727
Vinyl Colour:: Red
  • 1. Don't you ever let me down 3:03
    2. I Can't take it 2:43
    3. Going Out 2:47
    4. The Troops have landed 3:11
    5. All or Nothing 2:59
    6. I caught you out 2:27
    7. We've got a Right to know 3:42
    8. Take me Away (Original version) 3:20
    9. Nag Nag Nag (Original version) 3:53
    10. That's the way 3:20
    11. Wait til the Day Arrives 3:39
    12. The Battle Song 3:41
    13. My World (Original version)  2:55
    14. Hard Road (Original version) 3:45

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