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Released for the first time on vinyl. This THE ADICTS album was released in 1992 on CD format and now has been re-issued as limited edition to 500 copies by Daily Rec. (400 on black vinyl and 100 on green vinyl).  The insert includes the lyrics.

THE ADICTS 27 LP (Limited edition)

SKU: E18120
Vinyl Colour:: Black

    A1 - Angel
    A2 - Love Sucks
    A3 - Do It
    A4 - That's Happiness
    A5 - Shangri-La
    A6 - Football Fairy Story
    A7 - Rossini
    A8 - Breakdown
    A9 - Give Me More
    B1 - Fuck It Up
    B2 - G.I.R.L.
    B3 - What Am I To Do
    B4 - Rockers In Rags
    B5 - Let's Dance
    B6 - 7:27
    B7 - Bog
    B8 - Monkey & Kid
    B9 - Give Me More (Reprise)

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