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Originally released on Patriot Records in the USA and then re-issued by Taang! 10 years later. Evil Records has done a great limited edition of 500 copies (350 in black, 125 in red and 25 with a different cover). This release is considered the best american Oi! record of all times. This edition includes two bonus tracks not included in the original release, an insert sleeve with band biography and lyrics, and also a full colour A3 poster. STARS AND STRIPES is the Oi! band from Choke, singer of Boston hardcore band SLAPSHOT.

STARS AND STRIPES Shaved for Battle LP (Red vinyl) Limited to 125 copies

SKU: E17542
Vinyl Colour:: Red
  • SIDE A    
    1    Shaved for Battle    
    2    We're not Criminals    
    3    Skinheads on the Rampage    
    4    In the Right    
    5    Street Kids    
    6    Here's one for the lads    
    7    American Oi!    
    8    The Power and The Glory    

    SIDE B    
    9    Dedicated    
    10    Proud, strong and free
    11    Nowhere    
    12    Nothing to fight for anymore    
    13    Gang Riot    
    14    Doc Marten Army    
    15    Drop the bomb    
    16    Time to live time to die

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