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Second edition of the best book ever dealing with Oi! and Punk. 340 pages in A4 format.  

Presenting a near A-Z (from ABH to The Warriors) of the new punk movement which came to prominence after punk's first wave had gone septic, the book contains detailed biographies and complete discographies (including re-issues) of over 100 bands. The likes of The Business, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects and the 4 Skins are all covered in great detail with several pages being allocated to each, as are such similarly important names as Red Alert, Section 5 and Splodge, but the subjet matter also includes many short lived bands and those with a fleeting but albeit important connection to the movement. A quick sample list of bands featured doth include... The Afflicted, Angela Rippon's Bum, Another Man's Poison, Barbed Wire, Barney & The Rubbles, Blank Generation, Case, Clockwork Soldiers, Distortion, Five-O, Foreign Legion, The Gymslips, Intensive Care, Scum, Skinful, Slaughter and The Dogs, Straw Dogs, Venom, Vicious Rumours...

Oi! The Book - Here Comes The New Punk book

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