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Reissue from this classic british Oi! band from the 80's. This record was originally released by Link Records in 1988 and never re-issued since. Evil Records has brought a great 350 gram 3 mm spine cover, plus added 3 extra tracks to this vinyl release and an A3 poster and lyrics. Limited edition of 465 copies (130 in red and 325 in black). A must for any skinhead, punk and herbert!.

SECTION 5 Street Rock n Roll LP (Red vinyl) Limited to 130 copies

SKU: E17669
Vinyl Colour:: red
  • 1. Madman
    2. Didn't like my face
    3. Remember the night
    4. Work it Out
    5. City of the Night
    6. Dance dance dance
    7. Every Saturday (Bonus)

    8. Who shall it be
    9. Stand Up
    10. Back in the US of A
    11. Loser
    12. Last Train Out of Cardiff
    13. Street Rock n Roll 
    14. For the Love of Oi! (Bonus)
    15. Madman (Bonus)

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