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This is a skinhead punk band from St. Boi (Barcelona), they released 2 Cds back in the days and this is a selection of songs from both Cds done by the band. The release comes with a full colour A3 size poster with lyrics, pictures of the band, plus a sticker of the band

Pressing infos: 
290 Black Vinyl of which 50 come with small zine with band history, hand numbered. 

AREA DE COMBATE Volumen final LP

SKU: E18205
Vinyl Colour:: Black
  • A1 Area de Combate

    A2 Fuck Politics

    A3 Sin solución

    A4 Navajas in the night

    A5 FCB Hools

    A6 Nuestra Vida


    B1 La Increible Historia

    B2 Percebes Negros

    B3 A Luchar 

    B4 Mercenario

    B5 Poder y Gloria

    B6 Carretera hacia el infierno

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