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Limited edition to 300 copies, includes 12 page booklet. Released on Antitodo.

ANTI ESTABLISHMENT Life is a Rip Off Complete collection LP

SKU: E17929
Vinyl Colour:: Black

    A1  Savage City 
    A2  Confusion 
    A3  I Feel Hate 
    A4  War Monger 
    A5  Life Is A Rip Off 
    A6  1980's 
    A7  Mechanical Man 
    A8  Mary Is Dead 
    A9  Front Page News 

    B1  Future Girl 
    B2  It's Killing You 
    B3  Step Outside 
    B4  House Of The Rising Sun 
    B5  Sid's Song 
    B6  Future Girl 
    B7  No Trust 
    B8  Anti Men 
    B9  Misunderstood