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British 90's Oi! heroes. We will release all their songs on vinyl. This is Vol. 1.


ANOTHER MANS POISON Oi! Discography Vol. 1 LP (Black Vinyl)

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Vinyl Colour:: Black
  • SIDE A
    A1    Stick to your guns
    A2    Selling Out
    A3    Stiff Upper lip
    A4    Greed Surrounds
    A5    Spirit of Bobby Moore
    A6    Something outta nothing
    A7    Happiness is a loan
    A8    Alf Garnett's Heart Attack

    SIDE B
    B1    Working museum
    B2    Howsa 'bout that
    B3    I spit on my fist
    B4    Wallop
    B5    Now that's what I call
    B6    Alf Garnett's heart Attack (Old Version)
    B7    Sitting on the scaffold