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Oi! and Punk music should always be played on vinyl, Evil Records

Evil Records was born in year 2000 and only had one release and that was catalan skinhead Oi! band ULTIMO ASALTO. It took 14 years for the label to resurrect.

The label philosophy is to concentrate on re-issues of classic punk and Oi! albums, giving them the Evil treatment and adding some extra value to the original releases.

STARS AND STRIPES "Shaved for Battle" was the first title to be re-issued on the resurrected label, a classic american Oi! album licensed from Choke, singer of Slapshot and Stars and Stripes. Choke was the owner of Patriot Records, the original label releasing the album back in the late 80's . We received massive response from people for this album and it was soon sold out.

Next we licensed from Mark Brennan from Captain Oi! two albums we always loved, SECTION 5 "Street Rock and Roll" and THE GLORY "We are what we are", there was a few others we would have loved to have on the label, but other labels were quicker and got them before us, good for them, some did a really good job.

We are talking about some new releases to come out during this year, we will keep you informed if you subscribe to our mailing list and keep on visiting our website.

We also appreciate any feedback you send and proposals of new albums or 7" you would like us to re-issue or release. Please notice we are not doing any new bands for the moment, there's many other good labels that can release new bands, we concentrate on stuff from the late 70's to the 90's basically.

Evil Records has so far released some great albums and singles

by the names of ANTISOCIAL, CRIMINAL CLASS, THE CRACK, SUBURBAN REBELS, LAST WARNING, ABH, RITAM NEREDA, STRAW DOGS, TOKYO RANKERS and many more to come. Many of our releases have some exclusive stuff, being bonus tracks, fanzine with the band biography, limited edition free stuff limited to the first copies, numbered collectors certificates and much more, if you don't want to miss any of this, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter here!

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